The mission of ShareTree is as follows

  • ShareTree is a scan to share advertising app with built-in messaging.
  • ShareTree is a scan to share messaging app.
  • ShareTree’s core principles are ease of use, speed and anonymity.
  • ShareTree is the quickest way for people and businesses to create a connection with one another to share information.
  • No accounts are needed to use ShareTree, ie. No usernames, passwords, phone numbers, email addresses, etc

Problem Statement

  • Communication software is becoming more fragmented everyday making it more difficult to communicate and share information with someone outside of your preferred social app network.
  • In addition, to use current communication technologies both parties need to be a member of the network in question and exchanging this preliminary information to make a connection takes too long and is error prone when entering the information on to your phone. 
  • Business cards are becoming a thing of the past. The relationship after exchanging paper business cards usually ends after you exchange them with one another.
  • There is too much wasted paper. Instead of printing flyers, questionnaires, business cards or any other printed material, you can now provide the information by displaying your ShareTree on either an electronic display or on a single printed media in order for the interested party to scan the ShareTree and receive the information for the product or service.


ShareTree makes it ridiculously simple to create a connection to start communicating and sharing with someone immediately without the need for 12 digit phone numbers, long emails, social networks, etc. Simply scan then share.

Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

In a Consumer to Consumer (C2C) scenario, One user can scan another’s ShareTree code using their phones built in camera app. This immediately creates a ShareTree connection between both devices allowing both parties to send messages, business cards, images, videos, websites etc to one another.

  • This is perfect for people who meet for the first time that have an interest in a product or service the other is offering. Instead of having to verbally announce each other’s phone numbers, email address or social media account which can be easily misunderstood or incorrectly entered under pressure you can use a ShareTree to quickly and easily create a ShareTree connection to keep the conversation going.
    • People with disabilities having difficulty hearing or speaking can easily scan a person’s ShareTree to make a ShareTree connection with anyone they meet to be able to communicate on the fly.
      • People who meet socially that may (or may not) want to stay in touch can use ShareTree to create a ShareTree connection without divulging any of their personal or private information.
        • The use cases are unlimited.

        Business to Consumer (B2C)

        Business to Consumer (B2C) model. Businesses can use ShareTree the same way they would use a common QR code (Quick Response Code) on an advertisement, except instead of the consumer scanning the code then forgetting about it, the business and consumer can now direct message each other to request additional product information or to follow up or offer an incentive on a potential sale.

        The consumer and business can use the ShareTree connection for as little or as long as they want, again without the consumer having to reveal any personal or private information.

        Note: This is not a social network nor an ad network. This is a more personal connection to your audience. The customers that requested your specific information in the first place.