Welcome to ShareTree


We built ShareTree with a simple mission in mind, “To make connections easier”.

In a world of handshakes, forgotten names, and lost business cards, we wanted to build a platform which would allow anyone to meet for the first time and easily be able to make a connection with their phones without the need of divulging their phone numbers or social media account info.

Printing, carrying and handing out the dreaded paper business card is a thing of the past.

Simply open the ShareTree app on your phone and show your unique ShareTree to someone. They can scan it with the built in camera on their phone and immediately create a connection with you. “Scan to Share”

4 different ways to create a ShareTree connection with or without the ShareTree app installed.

  1. Scan a ShareTree using your phones built-in camera
  2. Scan a ShareTree with the ShareTree App scanner
  3. Press on a ShareTree (Long press) in your mobile phones browser
  4. https://shre.us/NkAJ5mFe0
    • NOTE: Be sure to ALLOW notifications or you will not be alerted when someone makes a new connection with you.

What can I do next?

You can now use your ShareTree connection to send messages, photos, videos, or your contact information real time. The other person can send a reply or save the information to use at a later date

It’s that simple

ShareTree is all about ease of use, anonymity and powerful connections!

Whether you have the ShareTree app or not, ShareTree makes it easy to make a connection. Download the app from the one of the app stores below or scan the ShareTree on the image below. If you are viewing this page on a mobile device you can either download the app first then scan the ShareTree, or long press the ShareTree below.